How to Collect Genuine Reviews for Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce experts have tackled many issues related to improving the site’s rank. Here’s is a mind-blowing strategy which can bring more site’s views and conversions to the product pages. Above all that, what matters the most is the quality product reviews. These reviews come from the customers on the basis of their usage. This is the reason these have become the greatest tools for maintaining the top most position of an Ecommerce store.

Today, it’s quite obvious for people to read online reviews before deciding to buy any product from an Ecommerce portal. It gives them a kind of satisfaction that whether they are doing right or not. Stats say that around 90% of customers proceed product purchase after having a look at the genuine product reviews. In short, if you are an Ecommerce merchant than online reviews will help you gain loyalty and reputation for your portal.

But, how it all gets done? What are the ways that can help your portal and associated products get original reviews from the customers? The only thing you can do is to motivate them through a variety of ways.

Here, we have accumulated a well-planned strategy with proven ways that can compel customers to give your product 5 stars.

Make Review Submission Process Easy & Quick

Most of the customers think they are wasting their time in writing a review for the product. Ecommerce retailers can’t control the thinking process of customers but, you have a few things that can be controlled. Many times, there are forms or the review process that seem to be tricky or time taking which divert their people’s minds to abandon the process. To gain customer reviews, it is mandatory that you make the review process easy and less confusing. Few clicks and the review is submitted. It will surely make customers feel to give genuine reviews for the product.

Offer Incentives for Ecommerce Reviewers

Everyone has a desire to get something in return when they purchase products from an Eommerce store. It can be rewards, points per purchase or the discounts on the particular item. Basically, it can be anything which attracts customers to purchase and provide positive feedback for the same. Many Ecommerce websites launch small offers like 5% off or 10% off on specific credit/debit cards and they are earning great praise for this tiny step. The offers also include gift cards and shopping coupons for next order and many more to increase online sales.

Spotlight the Customers of your Ecommerce Store

Whatever the platform is, people leave no chance to be in the limelight. This is the strategy which is great for earning quality reviews for the purchased products. Bring them into the limelight by placing their review followed by their name. When they see their name on the website, they convince others to purchase and provide feedback for the same and the process continues. This is the best way to get more reviews for the products.

Generate Reviews via Email Surveys

Writing emails for product reviews can be a lengthy process and also takes time. Instead of asking your customers for email reviews prepare a review format in the form of survey questions. This makes customers understand and takes less time to submit their opinions about the products. You can proceed to plan the survey format by:

  • Creating an email template integrating a personal voice
  • Using actual email addresses to send the emails so that it seems genuine
  • Creating a clear call to action in your email body which redirects users to the review form
  • Preparing eye-catchy subject lines to attract people

Ask the Right Questions

Don’t be diplomatic while asking the questions review questions to the customers. Be to the point and ask the direct questions to the audience which relates to the product. Before including any question in your review form, be prepared what type of answers you want for the product. No one wants vague answers, so ask direct questions and get genuine feedback. Instead of asking them whether they like the product or not. Ask them about the experience they had by using the product. It will help you receive well-sorted answers for the page you are working for.

Use Negative Feedback to Show Professionalism

Negative feedback can also sometimes provide benefit to the business. There are customers that don’t want to uplift an Eommerce reputation. They post negative comments on the portal. But, it doesn’t mean that you have no option to rectify them. You can apologize for the same comment and assure them fulfill their loss. This not only improves your image but also provides a boost to your loyalty.

Wrapping Up

If you are doing Ecommerce Business then collecting genuine reviews for the product is quite essential for your business. But, getting reviews is not that easy. For that, you should provide optimum grade products to your customers. Once you decided to offer high-quality products, your products will automatically start receiving genuine reviews from the quality customers. Start following the aforementioned hacks to receive feedback. By adopting these reviews, you can inspire customers to share true opinions for their experience.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy
The author is a professional e-commerce expert at Sparx IT Solutions. He knows what work on the web thus develops and promotes the portal by implementing proven hacks. Besides executing a variety of ways to publicize the portal’s product, he also writes blogs that are based on the latest eCommerce trends.
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