Why Should You Choose Custom Web Design Over Website Templates?

Selecting between a custom web design and a ready-made template is a surely a difficult decision, but this is not relatable to selecting the lesser of two evils. Each option has a separate identity, nature, scope, and pros and cons.

The selection criteria depend on a whole lot of factors that needs to consider your varying business needs and features of each choice. As a quick, make up your mind that a custom web design is tailored to your business needs that’s why it yields a higher return on investment

In this infographic, we are going to highlight these factors, along with an explanation to help you smartly select among the two options.

Custom Web Design vs Pre-Made Template


The Ease of Using and Expanding Your Website

A website that is made to your specific business requirements is easy to use in comparison to the one that is powered by a template with its conventional and complex CMS. A custom web design is your property so you have the freedom to expand it in either way, whereas off-the-shelf templates have restrictions on adding a feature or modifying the appearance.

Useful Life and Return on Investment

Acquiring a custom web design counts as an investment towards your business because it benefits you for more than 3-4 years on average. But, the generic design of a template becomes obsolete after a year or two. Being said that, the personalized design comes with a higher ROI, whereas a common template lacks the user experience needed by your target audience.

Search Engine and Mobile Friendliness

The search engines can bring you a pool of relevant traffic if your website structure is in line with their guidelines. You can lay down the foundation stone of your website as per their guidelines by instructing the designers to do so, but the commonly used web templates are not produced with such a focused SEO support.

A custom-made web design saves up to 50% of SEO cost, additionally, it is mobile responsive as well. Users with a variety of mobile screens can comfortably browse the website without design or content distortion.

The following infographic is compiled and designed by Go-Gulf that depicts a clear picture between a custom designed website and a readymade template. Go on further; explore the pros and cons to narrow down each choice for better selection.

Asad Ali
Asad Ali
Asad is an internet marketing expert with a focus on SEO & Paid media. Currently he is working for GO-Gulf – a website development Dubai company. With over 8 years of experience in online traffic generation, targeting relevant audience and conversion optimization, Asad has helped numerous SMBs to increase their revenues throughout UAE. You can reach him on LinkedIn.
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