how to gain more business opportunities by increasing brand exposure

If someone builds an amazing brand, but no one hears about it, does it really exist? Well, in truth it does, but you might as well close shop because an amazing brand nobody knows about isn’t going anywhere. Needless to say, in such a competitive world where businesses are popping up at every corner, each and every one gunning for your potential customers, improving your brand’s image and gaining brand exposure becomes the name of the game.

To achieve this, you will have to craft a well-balanced awareness strategy that will entail the use of online marketing as well as some powerful offline methods that will really drive people towards your brand, as well as put your business in front of the right audience. Let’s take a look at the five effective ways to increase brand exposure.

Build Social Media Buzz

build social media buzz

There is no denying that social media platforms are dominating the online universe and that any brand that isn’t present on relevant networks cannot hope to reach its full potential. After all, you can bet that your competitors are trying to reach the three-billion-strong social media audience, and it only stands to reason that you should position your company across the SM realm in hopes of exposing your potential customers to your brand.

You can start by tending to some thorough social media research in order to find out where the bulk of your audience resides. Don’t waste your time trying to become a star on every platform, rather focus on the most lucrative prospects such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you have discovered the relevant networks and when your ideal audience is most active, you can go ahead and create a strict posting schedule. Remember to stay consistent and post high-quality content on a regular basis in order for your brand to gain the traction it deserves.

Implement a Content Marketing Strategy for Better Brand Exposure

Speaking of high-quality content, it’s actually one of the most relevant elements of a prominent brand in the online world, so building a comprehensive content marketing strategy should rank high on your priorities list. The focus of your content strategy shouldn’t be to push your products or services towards your customers, but instead to incentivize them to share your stories and visit your website through compelling storytelling that has a soul, and plenty of substance.

Of course, if you want your content to be truly memorable, you will need to weave your brand’s identity into every publication, whether it’s a video, article, or an informative infographic. Be sure your stellar content becomes the primary part of your email strategy, your social media strategy, as well as a pillar of your entire online presence. Now watch as the online world starts talking about your brand.

Reward your customers

reward your customers

If there is anything people love more than an insightful video or article filled with useful information, it’s promotional material. By using your online communication tools to spread the word of your reward or loyalty program, you can easily attract old and new business to your doorstep, but the thing that will really solidify your position in the market is the reward package itself.

This needs to be something truly inspiring and relevant, something valuable that will benefit your customers. That said, it should also portray your brand’s identity and put it in front of your audience, which is why companies are using solutions such as the new co-branded MasterCard program to allow their customers to spend their reward as they see fit while, at the same time, weaving their brand into their everyday life. Carrying your gift card around in their wallets is an excellent way for your customers to connect with your company and incentivize others to seek you out as well.

Improve Your SEO Game to Gain Brand Exposure

improve your seo game

Search engine optimization is the name of the digital marketing game, and if your brand and its content are not optimized for relevant search engines, chances are nobody will ever know that you exist. Quite simply, quality SEO will mean the difference between beating every other website to the first spot in the SERPs and getting thrown into the abyss that is the second page of Google.

With that said, you can start by researching relevant keywords that closely describe your business and its services, and then proceed to weave them into your every piece of content, every ad, and every landing page. Search engines will crawl through your website mercilessly to check if you’re not merely stuffing keywords in your content, and to determine whether or not your entire online presence is worthy of a bump up the proverbial ladder – so be sure SEO becomes an integral part of your strategy.


The modern business world is becoming more competitive by the day, and brands that could have truly made a difference are being overshadowed by competitors with better content, better incentives, and better dissemination strategies. Don’t allow your brand to suffer the same fate but instead implement these tactics to elevate your standing in the industry and get your brand in front of the eyes and ears of your customers.

David Webb
David Webb
David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant, online marketing analyst and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree in business management, he continuously informs the public about the latest trends in the industry. He is a senior editor at BizzmarkBlog.
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