Designers all over the world are looking for icon designs which make their app more appealing to the users. The modern day designers pay attention to the user’s experience more than anything else. It is important not only for the purpose of getting more download; Google favors websites and apps that focus on user’s experience. Remember that good icons can be wonder tools which you will be able to use in different ways. A good mobile app development expert can help you understand the importance of right icon design.

Easy to Read

Have you ever come across app icon which you would need a magnifying glass to read? Such icons don’t help anyone. They don’t help your app. They don’t lure the users in downloading your app either. Fancy fonts are good. But, readable fonts are better. What you need to do is talk to the person in charge of your app designing. Make it a point to find the right font for the icons.

However, it is not only about fonts. You need to add right graphics to optimize your app icon. When an icon comes with both graphics and right font, you get a combined feature which can lure people into exploring the app.

Approach Matters

A great icon is a proper assortment of graphics. It does not matter what the purpose of the icon is. It might be for your desktop application. It might be for that dream app you are building. Different graphic elements function together in harmony to make an icon work. To succeed, you need to elevate the icon design. To make it happen, you must make all the elements function. Individually they cannot work in proper order.

Simple Enough to Fit

It is the dream of every app development company to create an icon which will baffle the mass. However, it is important to remember that simple design attracts people because in simplicity is versatility. An icon needs to be versatile. It must function in multiple ways. For this reason, modern day icon designers adhere to the simple designs which will capture the hearts of people.

Who are Your Audience

When you are developing an icon, you need to consider few factors. Your target audience is one of them. Who are the people you are developing the icon? Who you want to attract to your website or your app? What is their cultural background? All these come together when you are developing your icon. Here you need to play a psychological game. You need to decide what will appeal to the people you are working for. What would make them click on the icon you have developed? What would make them come for more? These are important questions. You need to ask yourself before you design the icon.

The Attributes of Icon Design

When you are designing an icon, you need take into consideration some important attributes. The attributes should be considered from an interactive point of view. Even at the time creating on single icon these attributes become important considerations.

Form is one of the attributes which you need to consider when designing your icon. While making the design come to life, you must begin with the simple shape. Once you have the foundation, you would be able to take the rest of the designing forward from there.

Aesthetic unity is another attribute which you must think of when you are about to design your icon. This attribute includes everything from color pallet to style to the size of the icons.

Recognizability is another product which comes handy when designing an icon. How your icon would work depends on the user’s ability to recognize the usability of the icon. This attribute when used right can show the users the idea of an icon. Depending on the clarity users will explore the icon.


Anywhere you go, consistency would play a big role in success. Here too you would have use consistency properly. Either you exploit the benefits of consistency, or you fail to create an appealing icon. However, here the question is how can you use consistency? Here the secret is to use shadows, colors and the reflections in a consistent way.

When you are using a light source make sure to use the angel right. The consistency of sticking to the source is important. If you go wrong here, your design might seem unprofessional to the eyes of the users. Also, you need to make the most of the light source. It is important to bestow clarity upon your icon. Without this you would not be able to make an impression. Remember that first impression plays a big role in success of an icon. The same goes for shadow and reflection as well. The equation must be right. To be frank this is not a job of an amateur. You need to be skilled to be create the right icon and make it work for your benefit.

Color Combination Matters

It is true that a lot depends on the color fusion which you use for your icon. The color must be right. People make mistake of using colors that are too bright. Of course it works. However, you need to keep in mind the purpose of the icon. Who you are designing it for? Who would benefit from it? If you are designing icon for a meditation app and use bright colors, the app would lose its appeal. For this reason, think about the people who you are designing it for.

Invest Time

You must have heard that nothing fruitful happens in haste. It is the ultimate truth. You need to invest time for everything. The icon you are about to design needs your time too. The planning must be right. It would save time and money. Once you have planned a layout design, your team would be ready to deliver the icon design. Keeping this in mind you need to take time out for discussion and research. Don’t just sit and design an icon.

Manika Saha
Manika Saha
Manika is SEO and SMM executive @kreativewebtech from 2013. Twitter LinkedIn
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