5 Marketing Predictions for Instagram 2017

The world of social media changes so fast that all the social platforms have to make improvements every day. In 2016 many social networking platforms made some significant changes. Instagram is one of the most famous and most used social networking platforms. It has been improving every day, and we saw it last year with the many significant changes they made. They changed their app, their features and they even changed their logo. One of the most major changes Instagram made last year was the introduction of stories feature. The Instagram story feature is just like Snapchat that allows you to share your current moments with your friends. This feature added a lot to Instagram and it also had a great effect on its marketing.
Instagram has now acquired more market share, and they are looking to improve their position further better now. Instagram does allow it’s users to market their business and it is one of the top social media marketing sites right now.
There are many things which we can see coming for Instagram in future, how Instagram is going to do better in marketing and how it is going to improve its platform for social media marketing. Here are a few Instagram marketing predictions for 2017.

Instagram Will Overtake Snapchat’s Market Share

With Instagram already giving a tough time to Snapchat, it is very likely that Instagram will take over Snapchat’s market share at the end of this year. Last year when Instagram introduced its Instagram stories feature, it had a great impact on Snapchat. Many users from Snapchat moved to Instagram as they liked their stories feature. Also as Instagram is a picture sharing social app, it does not just allow you to share your current moments, but it also lets you post your best pictures. So, when the audience found all these in one place they started to move towards Instagram, and that is why it looks like that it will overtake Snapchat’s market  very soon.


Clickable Links Will be Finally Available on Instagram

As you probably already know, Instagram does not allow its users to share direct website links with the pictures. This is a feature that Instagram has lacked for a long time and this is the feature many users especially business accounts on Instagram are asking for. The only place where Instagram does allow its users to share link is in the bio. You can share the link in your bio and then direct your audience to your website you will have to mention with every post that link is given in bio. Instagram has lacked this feature for very long now and now they understand the importance of it as well.
So, it is highly likely that this year Instagram will finally let you share links with pictures. By doing this, they will attract more brands and big business, and they will gain a lot more attention.

Analytics Data and User Experience Will Also Improve for Instagram

Instagram has now become a must have app for the big brands and business. If you are looking for promotions through social media and you are not emphasizing on Instagram, then you are missing out big time. Around 45% of brands are already using Instagram for marketing purposes today, and according to an estimate at the end of 2017, this number will rise to 70%. And to improve all this, what Instagram is going to do is that they are going to improve their user experience and analytics. Currently, the analytics to which Instagram has given to its business users are reached, engagement, evaluate impressions and audience. But it looks like to improve more; they will let their users have access to a little bit more analytics. With this and a fresh user experience, Instagram will go even further in the race.

Instagram Will Introduce Expanded Business Profile Features for Marketers

It seems like that Instagram will be giving their business profiles more than the regular users in the future. The algorithm of Instagram has been very important, and it will stay important. Also, the paid advertising on Instagram will be on the rise again, and it will impact a lot on brands and other businesses. And with Instagram being a full one video app, their live features and other features will stay in use the big time for business purposes as well. They will embrace marketers in the coming year and will also be willing to apply new marketing strategies. The features that will be offered to business profiles in the future will be a lot more than a simple Instagram profile. The shopping will become easier, they will add ways to shop directly through Instagram, and they will allow a lot more than this to their business profiles. With the new features the businesses have to be wise and strategic, and with that, they can get a lot of benefits for their business.

Instagram Will Keep Beating its Competitors with Improved Functionality

In the beginning , it was not seen as a tool for business marketers. As an introduction, Instagram was only seen as a visual platform and no brand saw it is a marketing platform, except the visuals brand. At that time no one saw Instagram as sites that will drive big audience. Now Instagram has changed the marketing and it is now considered to be one of the best social media marketing sites currently. And it is giving its competitors a very tough time. Instagram kept on adding more and more features to its application, and suddenly it became a highly productive site with its new ways of marketing. The Instagram stories with hyper lapse and boomerang effects also added a lot to marketing purposes. Brand and business are daily creating new creative Instagram stories to attract their customers and they are highly succeeding. With all these excellent features it is becoming hard for other social websites to compete with Instagram.

Final Words

Instagram is updating day by day and is going to be the best social networking app for marketers. So it is the high time to start marketing your business on Instagram.
If you are not already on Instagram, go make a business profile and and start posting some awesome stuff. But wait! Don’t try to promote your product from the start, first make a good profile and increase engagement. To make your new profile look authoritative it is a good idea to buy some Instagram followers and you can also invest in other marketing strategies like influencer marketing and Instagram Ads.

Qurban Shah
Qurban Shah
Qurban is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility.
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