Among all the latest social media marketing opportunities, Instagram is turning head of clients with its impressive growth. Therefore, more and more brands are now using Instagram heavily to boost the social marketing strategy. In the recent time, Instagram has made it more attractive to the customers by launching online feeds and web profiles. Therefore, it has now become easier for people to find out shared photos easier with improved life cycles. Sharing photographs on Instagram to develop a reputation and brand name is just the beginning of a successful visual marketing strategy, which can later be complemented with the social media campaign of that brand.


So, how to use Instagram for social media marketing campaign?

Whether you want to use Instagram as a brand or as an individual entrepreneur, this blog will offer you the required tips to establish a great presence on Instagram by using the features of this platform, running contents and also by encouraging the engagement of the followers. Here are the details of the ways to use Instagram for achieving the social media marketing goals:

Use Instagram profiles to reach to a wider audience:

The launch of instagram profiles has offered the marketers an opportunity to market their products or services on other devices along with mobiles. The instagram pictures are capable of offering the audience a better insight into a company. In fact, with the help of these images, it is actually possible to promote everything that your company is doing starting from the new products or services to customers to employees. But always maintain a healthy balance between business pictures and fun images.

Create engagement with people through contests:

Instagram has become a really popular platform for photo contests. Companies can also opt for these contests by asking the users to use specific hashtag by tagging the pictures. It is quite simple to search through pictures, ask people to vote for the favorite ones and therefore to choose a winner. Like other social media platforms, it is necessary to post engaging contents regularly on instagram as well as to remind the fans the reasons to follow your brand.

Reward your followers with some promo codes:

While posting pictures, keep those things in consideration that can attract the attention of the audiences while prompting them to come back for more. Then reward the followers with promo codes for checking the pictures and going through the descriptions. Find out the things that your audiences prefer and use to get engaged. But before adding promo codes to the campaign, research whether these are relevant to the audiences or not.

Feature the customers:

Nothing can compare the feeling of finding out a friendly face while you look at the official page of any company. The customers do the same thing for a company. They work as the greatest advocate of a brand and describe the story of the companies from the perspective of someone outside. So, use instagram to take quick pictures of the customers while showcasing the details of their experience with your brand. Don’t forget to highlight your brand values in this case. This way, you will be able to improve the connection with the audience.

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Take advantage of trending hashtags:

Now it is actually possible for the users to use the explore feature of Instagram to find posts regarding trending hashtags. In case the trending hashtags are relevant to your brand, then add those to timely posts to get discovery. Apart from that, Instagram has also the feature to search by emoji. So, if emojis sound relevant to the strategy of your brand, then make sure you are aware of how these can be a great channel-appropriate way to convey the things copy can’t.

Get more interest in the events:

The main goal of organizing any event is to attract people so that they can learn about the showcased products or services and therefore get converted into customers. With Instagram, it is possible to attendees a location and visual for the event. Most shows come with hashtags, which attendees can follow on Instagram to inform others about what is going on.

Promote products with professional, creative photographs:

The power of photographs has been essential always to online shopping and the visual platform of Instagram takes this thing to the next level. Almost 70% of the customers consider detailed images as more valuable for making their purchase instead of product information or ratings from other people. But remember one thing that Instagram is not meant for straight sales pitches.

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Never over post on Instagram:

In case you are new to this platform, then keep in mind that over posting on Instagram is a big no no. This is not Facebook, where you can group pictures in compact albums. So, don’t make the photo feeds cluttered with random posts. Otherwise, your followers will lose interest and will unsubscribe from your page.

Engage with a good cause which supports the values of your brand:

It is a trend of the brands in Instagram to promote and share their partnerships with followers. This is a really unique approach. Likewise, if you can also align the values of your brand with the cause that supports the value, then this will be a golden opportunity to get popular.

Invite Instagram ambassadors to promote your brand:

Create one team of ambassadors, who can spread the benefits of your brand to the followers. To do this, you need to encourage the Instagram followers to post reviews and photos and this will help you to reach many more new users.

Here are the ways to create ambassadors and spread the reach:
1. Come up with one hashtag
2. Encourage your existing customers to share the reviews and photos
3. Reward the ambassadors by offering them a shout-out while re-sharing the pics
So, these are the tips. Hope these will be handy in promoting your business on Instagram with the right social media campaign.

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