The 11 Most Important SEO Tips You Must Know

SEO, in 2018 is not like what it used to be three, four, or five years ago. Now Its is not just about making a lot of crappy backlinks and doing stuffing your webpage with keywords to rank higher on Google. Google’s algorithms and their bots are now smarter than ever. They can easily detect bad links, duplicate content, and whether your content is Google for the user or not. If Google finds anything wrong in your webpage, they could penalize your site. Now you have to consider a lot of other things than just trying to build links.
Here in this article, we have come up with some SEO tips you must know and follow if you really want to rank your website in 2018 and avoid getting penalized by Google.

Remove Anything That Affects Your Site Speed

Page speed is a basic factor in SEO. Page speed is fundamental, both to clients and to web owners.
As per eConsultancy, “40% of individuals love a site that takes over 3 seconds to load.”
As organizations turn out to be more aware of the chances to create focused on leads and increased income through site design, there is an immense interest in speed.
Fast websites always improve the audience visiting your site. It is a major key factor which encourages your site to grow faster. The fast websites always:

  • Rank better in the search results.
  • Get more visits.
  • Get more conversions.

Page Title

Page titles are the most important thing in the Google SEO. The major things you should consider are:

  • Each page should have a unique title which actually describes the content of that page.
  • The page title should be descriptive that it gives the main idea about the page to the reader.
  • Help the users to understand the page content.

Connection to Different Sites With Important Content

Third party referencing is about quality, not the quantity. You’ll fabricate more trust in your specialty if you have a couple of connections good as compared to the low-quality connections. It’s a decent SEO rehearse. Good content always attracts the people. Avoid publishing pages with similar or duplicate content.

Write for Users in The First Place, Search Engines Second

When you put users in the first place, you’ll write supportive contents that web users will compensate, because web users take after clients. In the meantime, you’ll be upgrading the client experience and building trust with your group of onlookers.

Encourage Other Reliable Destinations to Connect With You

When you’re at the cutting edge of your industry, making valuable changes and connecting to definitive online journals, you’ll see that more individuals will connect to you usually. This is the main tip fact to link with the third party.

Set up Analytics

You should have analytical web set up, even before you send the primary guest to your webpage or point of arrival. There are some online marketing agencies, like Kapok Marketing, that helps you with Analytics, and overall search engine ranking

Compose exciting and Applicable Meta Description for Each Page

You can’t have the same Meta depiction for a page that discussions about email promoting and a page on making deals. There’s a significant contrast in those points, and your Meta description should convey that reality.

Avoid Lengthy URLs

Make sure that your URLs are simple are easy to understand by the visitors. Make use of hyphens ‘’-‘’ to keep words separate. Try to avoid lengthy URLs. In URLs use the words that describe your content to the users easily.

Momentum with Social Signs

Web-based social networking is a basic piece of SEO procedure, and inquiry signals are vital. You must concentrate on expanding yours.

Utilize the Correct Keyword in Your Images

Images are vital for site improvement. Google committed a whole area of its search lists to images.
If you decide to use images, make sure of the following things:

  • Always use Alt text for the description of the picture.
  • Use keywords in image filenames. And try to use meaningful names.
  • Make sure to keep the image file in a dedicated folder.
  • Optimize the size of the image before posting. The smaller is the size of the image the speedier would be your site.

Mobile Friendly Websites

When it comes to the online purchase and use, there is an increase in the people using smartphones as there tool. You will always get an increase in the percentage of your daily visits coming from the mobile. There are multiple advantages of this, on both, the SEO and usability.


No one would go to the second and third page of Google to find your site. If you really want to rank higher, you have to make your place in the top 10 position for your targeted keywords. And without following these important SEO tips, you won’t be able to make it.

Qurban Shah
Qurban Shah
Qurban is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility.
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