Guide To Market The Infographics

Adding infographics to your present marketing strategy is considered to be one of the strongest ways to share the information of your company. Therefore, these are highly popular and quite a number of companies incorporate these into the marketing strategies. The results are quite obvious. The web traffic increases as much as 12% by using the infographics. But with so many infographics that are recently being churned out, it becomes really difficult to stand out from the rest of the companies. So, what should you do? How to market the infographics differently?


Let’s take a thorough look:
• Submit the infographics to infographic blogs and directories: There are actually a few places, which accept the infographic submissions and therefore present them in a great manner. All you have to do is to submit the inforgraphic and hope that this will be published on that site. Some of these sites take some time to review the submission and then display in the due course while other don’t have any acceptance policy, means the infographics will be displayed right at the moment while you will submit it.
• Keep the social sharing tools ready: It is important to share the infographic on the social networks. Therefore, ensure that there are enough social bookmarking tools beside infographic to make sure easy sharing to different networks while people view it. The main purpose of it is to get as many links as possible from other blogs to successfully build social media traffic. Though this seems to be a basic job, but often the designers and bloggers fail to follow this simple step.
• Paid submission to Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon works as a big resource of visually appealing contents. This site also has a dedicated infographic category, which can offer you around method of marketing contents to right audience. The best option to submit in this thousands of hits on every month. So, it is a completely effective site is by making a paid discovery plan.
• Leverage the Pinterest community: These days, Pinterest has got huge importance with the praises from different social media gurus and funding managers. One of the major reasons of this is this site offers some great traffic for cool pins and visually pleasing images. Infographics is one of the categories, which gets loads of likes and repins on Pinterest. For every like and repin, the scope of getting new visitors to your site increases.
• Submit to subreddit- the reddit infographic: Reddit is one of the biggest sensations of the web. This is also the pioneer, from where the social networking sites got the inspiration of having good contents. For publishing infographics, Reddit has an exclusive section subreddit. Infographics posted here are featured on many Tumbler feeds and blogs in the huge community of infographics.
• Powerful blogger outreach: Another great way to market infographics is to get one of the influential people in the social media to share the infographics. Obviously, you can’t go blindly and ask for tweets, but in case your infographics is good, then look for the influential social media users from the same niche as the infographics.

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