One of the most important members of Kreative Web Tech, Sarajit Paul to assist and hold on to the roots of the company from its inception to episodes of boom and stagnation. Having his field of expertise in IT, he involves in the construction of web platforms, delivering the most authentically produced websites to clients all over the world. Further, his specialization enables him to execute the process within minimal time frame without affecting the quality and the effort on the projects. Sarajit limits his periphery to the segment of website development, his enthusiasm and priceless effort in the process makes him earn excellence.

Sarajit is known for his brainstorming effort that makes him overcome the struggling period of his life. He aims for success and is strictly against the idea of gaining success without effort. Perhaps, his secret of success lies in his passion and desperateness towards producing quality work through intense effort. This remains clearly visible in his attitude of executing every project with utmost importance. Thus, his comfort in delivering meticulous and continuous effort makes him a true deserver in his profession.

A look into his academic career illustrates his roots in computer science engineering (bachelors’) along with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. His wide area of knowledge turns out to be highly beneficial for the company too. He is more a guide besides website developer of the company. Added to that, he has gained expertise in IT from one of the most popular IT training center (New Horizontal). However, his self-effort remains the secret of his expertise besides training courses. Further, he holds a technical training degree from a recognized institute. His indulgence in gathering knowledge from various courses makes him efficient in all spheres of life. With years of experience in this field, he successfully keeps a mark of his footstep as an authentic website developer in the market. Added to that, he builds an experience of around 4 years as a graphic designer taking up projects in his free time.

Expect his professional career; he plays an active role in his family. He keeps one of the best hobbies that include traveling and discovering unknown places with his camera to capture the magic of various lands all over the world. Even, he loves cooking and experimenting with new stuffs, thus unfolding some unknown dishes especially for his family and friends. However, he is a lover of music and believes music helps to improve people. On the other hand, Sarajit keeps an aspiring cricketer within himself. He indulged in playing cricket in his school and college days and was a fast bowler.

Kreative remains glad to inhibit a multi functional person, a forever guide bringing down success at doorstep.

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