The social media has several promotional opportunities to offer to an organization, and can help the organization to reach its clientele globally. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. are used every day for promotional activities over the internet. However, the same social media can also prove to be useless to an organization that does not respect its importance, and use its features to its complete potential. Hence, it is best for companies to consult a social media consultant in this regard, and ensure that the social media is used in the best manner for adequate promotion of the products and services on offer.

Mentioned below are certain social media practices that can be of immense help to an organization.
• Regular and consistent blogging: Blogging regularly and consistently with interesting contents helps to keep the website live and active. The URLs of these posts can then be submitted on various social media platforms to attract targeted customers to the blog and the website.
• Encouraging the collaboration of the targeted audience: The targeted audience can be located by maintaining a constant presence on different social media platforms, and interacting with these audiences by appreciating their participations, and showing gratitude for their feedbacks.
• Posting at the right time: Instead of posting randomly, there is a need to manage time effectively, and follow a specific pattern of posting contents or feedbacks on the social media. This will generate more interest among the targeted audience.
Mentioned below are certain practices of social media for business that can hurt or be useless to an organization.
• Absences of variety in the posts: Posting contents of similar kinds will cause the audience to lose their interest in the posts. Hence, there is a need to post contents discussing different aspects of the subject to maintain the interest of the audience.
• Irregular blogging and lack of participation: Improper management of time and posting contents irregularly followed by lack of participation and interaction on the social media platform can hurt an organization badly, and cause them to lose a major section of their social media clientele.
• Posting of irrelevant contents: Posting irrelevant contents or carrying out futile social media activities just to maintain the interest of the targeted audience can cause the audience to lose interest. An SMO expert must realize that a customer is interested on the updates on services that is on offer on the social media platform.
Description: The social media platform, if used efficiently by a social media consultant, can prove to be very beneficial for an organization. It can also prove to be useless if not used properly.

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