At Kreative Web Tech’s floor, we have a multitude of talents, Nirmalya Das Sharma is one of them. He is the business development manager of the company who is responsible for making us money.

Jovial and full of life, Nirmalya makes it a point to do everything differently. The best thing about him is his passion for work. Out of the box thinking is important in any sector. However, when you are in the IT sector you would need it like armor because every day is a new day and every client is a new client.

When he is not working, he is doing a lot of things. To be in business development and to be successful, one needs to have the gray matter flowing, believes Nirmalya. This is why he spends time doing things creative way. His colleagues feel there is a talented painter residing inside him. Painting is one of the hobbies which he does with passion.

With brush and color in hands Nirmalya finds the freedom which only wings can bestow upon someone. His paintings though not for the eyes of the world, are all valued by his friends and colleagues. At the floor of Kreative, he is appreciated for his zeal to make out time for the art which demands not only time but the soul itself.

Singing is one another hobby which he cherishes and so does his colleagues. When the work pressure takes its toll on everyone and when things don’t make sense, a request for a song always goes to Nirmalya. In any office festival which is frequent in Kreative’s floor, Nirmalya rocks the party with his soulful voice.

Cooking and net surfing are his other hobbies. Being a business developer he always has the need to be online. A pro researcher who can find information about anything, Nirmalya uses his surfing skill to get data and bring business.

He is a commerce graduate who has done MBA in Quality Management from Philip Crosbee Association. His education and his zeal for making things work have helped him grow in his career.

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