JavaScript is the most famous language in the world of web. With time this language has become the most important platform within and outside the browsers. Projects like Node.js or and io.js have been using Javascript as the web development platform. These projects have used Javascript to create scalable server. Together they can power up Google Chrome and Mozilla.

Those who have worked with Javascript know how difficult it is to maintain a big application. For this reason, all the beginner Javascript developers get drawn to Javascript Framework. If you are among them, you would benefit from learning some important Javascript framework.


This is a popular technology which is Javscript driven. The technology has been created in the year 2009. Ever since the inception it has become an ecosystem for the web developers. Professional web developers across the world have been using Node.js as package manager. This has been useful in their production environment.

The Node.js has been created by using three important blocks – V8 which is used in Google Chrome, a pool which manages all the file input and output tasks and it also manages event library.

Apart from these, the technology deals with low level interfaces.

Angular 2 and 3

This has been created by Google. It was released in September 2016. This is a front end framework which you can use to redesign Angular Js. Initially the release of Angular Js has been under scrutiny due to the influence of React which is a famous JS Library. However, the latest release has brought a brand new framework which you can use for different front end instrument.

This framework can be used for one way binding of data exactly like the React. This can be done to improve single page app’s performance. However, the latest Angular js has retained data binding from two ways. Using ngModel the web application can update the view and also the Model simultaneously.

This is not all. There are some other important features of Angular 2. It shares a great relationship with Polymer.Js which is yet another invention of Google. You can merge the two in one application and use them together for better effect. This is the biggest and the best feature of Angular 2.

There is a reason for mentioning this framework in this write-up. Google has decided to update the framework each year. After March 2017, the web developers will be able to create single page app using this framework.

With the huge support that Angular 2 gets from Google the framework can be a great platform this year for building client websites.


If you are looking for open source JavaScript language, you should try using this one. Aurelia unlike many other framework, works very well with different versions of JavaScript. The framework comes with Line Interface which can be used to create Aurelia based web applications.

However, Aurelia is not famous for this reason only. There is another reason why this framework has gained the confidence of the web developers around the world. Aurelia is easy to learn. This is the highest selling point of the framework. If you are learning both Angular.js and Aurelia together, for the ease of learning, it is Aurelia, you will grasp first. Now, that’s really a scoring point for the framework. In case Angular.js does not interest you, easily you can switch to Aurelia. Of course, you would need JavaScript Vanilla to go with it, but, Aurelia will do the work for you.


Compared to the other frameworks, this one is a bit old. For the frontline developers this framework presents a solid platform. With this framework you can use Handlebar routing, components and temple engine.

Ember is a lot similar to Angular.js. Both the frameworks use the same process in building front page applications. Using Ember you can inflict value in Handlebar temples. You just have to add HTML attribute to this and the Ember will begin updating the view and model automatically. If you have worked with Ember, you already know the data binding is just another feature of the framework.

Only one drawback, which might put a dent to the popularity of the framework, is the complication in learning. This is not as easy as Aurelia. In fact, to grasp Ember properly, you need to know a lot of other frameworks. So, the question is why should you learn this framework, if this is so complicated? If you are adept to using ROR – ruby on rail, you will quickly get used to the framework. Rather you will find it easy to work with Ember. Your work will be according to the required Convention over Configuration.

If you are using Ember, your creativity might get restricted. However, the framework will allow you to write codes quickly. It make the task of web development easier and faster.


If you are looking for JavaScript framework to learn in the year of 2017, this is the one you should learn about. This is the library which helps you build web interface. Vue.js is a simple application. It is built in a way that it can be easily adapted. The library has been created concentrating on view layer. It is very easy to learn. This framework has the ability to power up other single-page web applications. However, you need to use modern tools to get the desired result.


This presents an old approach to the web developers. If you are using Knockout, you should use knowledge of jQuery templates which are considered as the major format for Knockout.js View. Because this is not dependent on any other application and also because it is light weight, Knockout can be a great web development solution for the frontend web developers.

For anyone who is trying to create a single page web application for any old browser, this framework is the only option for them. The library which this framework offers supports old timers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. This luxury you will not get while using other frameworks like Ember or Aurelia. They support high end applications.

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