Market Imager Of Kreative Web Tech: Manika Upholds The Virtual Magic

Kreative Web Tech remains glad to inhibit a team of expert people, associated together in the process of assisting clients in business enrichment.
Amongst several skilled team members, Manika Saha remains vibrant in the process of work, reproducing the most quality result. She sincerely handles the position of digital marketing officer in the company with her experienced skills in SEO process.
With years of experience in the marketing industry, Manika mends strategies and perform research in the most efficient way, sure to produce desired results. She comes with an amazing combination of hard work and smart work that result in excellence and perfection. She stores a keen observer within herself that helps her in the process of evaluating innovative and authentic marketing strategies for the market. Further, as an out of the box thinker, she can easily produce the most unique ideas that remain essential in the marketing process. On the other hand, her understanding ability and market analysis make the process more smooth thus enabling effective results for each marketing steps implemented.
Manika’s story stands truly inspiring. Being a student of Arts background, her aim was to set her career in teaching. However, she got the exposure of marketing sector entirely as a fresher. Her dedication and untiring effort of understanding the techniques of marketing was tremendous. The zeal enabled her to maintain her space in the industry and finally she reaches the peak of excellence.
Manika got indulged in SEO marketing process long back in the year 2012. She carries heavy experience working in this industry for more than 5 years. Years of experience enables her to mend strategies sure to hit the market producing best results. She remains to be a vital part of kreative team efficiently handling several segments of online marketing that includes Google ad words, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She believes in constant growth and keeps on learning with each moving day.
Besides professional excellence in marketing, she proves herself to be a sincere teacher. She loves to teach children and thus indulges in providing tuitions to students at her place. Through teaching, she does only limit herself to bookish knowledge, rather enlightens the path of learning in a broader aspect. Added to that, she is an active user of internet that mostly deals with adopting new marketing strategies and market study. However, she is an addict of music that occupies her time for the rest of the day.
Her unending effort and extremely dedicated attitude brings her success in every step making her taste the essence of success. You can get an entire view of all her works and necessary details through her Linkedin and Twitter profile, Have a look.

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