List of Important Features Required to Ride Sharing App Development

The very prominent question which is breath-taking for the new revolutions in urban mobility which is constantly changing, enhancing and evolving, asks: “What will outline the future of transportation in metropolitan & urban cities?” Some people think that Ride Sharing will add a momentum to this revolution. While self-governing automobiles are on the skyline, ridesharing options are expanding, and companies like Uber and others are incorporating new ideas where single occupancy cars can accept multiple customers during their travel journey from one destination to another. Ride Sharing is an innovative transportation strategy which allows customers/users to get the benefits of car sharing, car-pooling etc, (eg – companies like Uber, BlaBlaCar etc.) in which travellers have the same time of travel, and they split up the travel costs like fuel, parking, and any other cost during the course of the journey. Citing the opportunities, with the rise in Ride-Sharing, in the transportation industry, Ride Sharing App Development is rising, which focuses on building a reliable and affordable P2P Carpooling App Platform.

Necessary Features for Ride Sharing App Development

As any mobile phone application development demands pre-requisite demands for any apps, therefore, the mobile app development services companies take utmost care in developing Ride Sharing Apps and mainly focuses on a few of the important elements and features. This is coordinated by a set of complex algorithms, that are designed to match rides instantly, for the rides going in the same direction, and handle payments due to the driver.
The mobile phone application development companies while building any Ride Sharing Apps has three main domains, which provides services to each respective people.

1. Passenger App

Finding a shared ride for the users in general, which focuses on the following features:

a) Real-Time Matching

Users are matched with the cars which are going in the same direction if a vacant seat is available.

b) Profile Verification

Users get information about the driver, see their ratings, and other co-passengers who are going to travel with them, which gives them comfort to travel with the strangers.

c) Tracking in real-time

Users are able to track the cars, manage pick-up and drop locations, and get an alert via SMS when the driver arrives.

d) Easy payment options

Multiple payment options are available, which enables the users to pay the driver through any mode they want, (in cash/card etc.).

e) Security & Feedback

There is an emergency button available in the app which can be used during emergencies, and also after the trip users can give feedback to the drivers, which manages their ratings.

2. Driver App

Sharing a ride has been made simple and easier, with also providing drivers with Driver App, so that they can manage, locate and complete the trip hassle-free. The Driver App focuses on following features:

a) Allowing easy sharing options

The driver app provides drivers, with a sharing option mode in which they can make their trips shared by multiple customers.

b) Requests in Real Time

Drivers get real-time requests in which they may accept it or reject as per their availability.

c) Scheduled time requests

Drivers may get advance requests from the customers and they can plan a trip in that direction by just pinning their location.

d) Track Location

Trips can be easily completed by drivers, as these apps have inbuilt features of GPS navigation, where they can track pick-up locations, and complete the trip smoothly at any drop locations.

e) Accept Payments

Drivers can easily accept payments through any mode/channel desired by their customers.

3. Admin Panel

Any Ride Sharing App Development must feature an admin panel, which manages the Ride Share App, and this is an important feature provided by any of the mobile app development services company. This helps the companies in general like Uber, Lyft etc. to successfully manage rideshare and carpooling, and these apps can be further customized with custom features and necessary integrations as per the needs of the market.

a) Dashboard

Getting the key stats and ride share service matrix, which enables the admins to easily understand the carpooling done by respective customers.

b) Managing the driver

Managing new driver registrations, driver’s trips, and payments.

c) User Management

It enables to view all the registered users on the platform, and also manage their rides, report to queries, and take corrective actions on respective feedbacks.

d) Payment Integration

Payment gateway integration for allowing users to pay via any mode they want and enabling the drivers to accept payments through any channel/mode used by the customer.

e) Analytics

Business decisions are data-driven, and it helps the managers to key steps in building better solutions and services for their users in general.

Ride Sharing App Development needs high funds to develop an app like Uber

The mobile phone application development is not an easy task; the first thing which the developers ensure is the independence of platform. The app must be platform independent to run on any Android/iOS platforms smoothly and easily.
The price is an important question in any Ride Sharing App Development and it is important to ensure that it should possess elements, like that the features of Uber app has or any similar app like that. A simple basic app may cost $3000 to $5000 with no backend, but if there is an app with simple user analytics with a DB server it may cost from $14,000 to $25,000.
The Ride Sharing Apps which generally addresses the complexities through decent server-side & custom user analytics may range above $50,000 and generally takes 6 to 18 months to build an app like these.

Ride Sharing App Development is taking the transportation industry with a storm

Digitizing mobility solutions with new platform-based commercial models, with several start-ups and multinational corporations which have shown great support for the Ride Sharing measure, and thus Ride Sharing App Development is on the rise. The responses from customers have been positive, which is also being demonstrated by their tremendous growth globally. However, there has been some of the issues which are new to the platform-based services; but trust is one of the concerning subjects for both driver and user in general.

Jennifer Ruth
Jennifer Ruth
Jennifer Ruth is a well-known mobile app developer work at Hire Mobile Geeks and manage the mobile app development services. She also keeps writing on various app development issues and for mobile app marketing.
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