With the concept of online promotion gaining tremendous prominence over the past couple of decades, the process of search engine optimization have become very important to the promotional strategies employed by every company. This has led to the popularity of search engine Optimization services, and every company that owns a website is on the lookout for the best SEO experts in order to ensure that the promotion of their websites is done in the very best possible manner.

However, in order to ensure that the optimization of the websites is carried out in the right manner, SEO experts, as well as website owners must be aware of a few basic terminologies associated with the task. One of the most important terminologies is Keyword Density, or the number of times the primary keywords of the website is used within the content of the website or each webpage. Keywords are certain terms or phrases associated with the services and products offered through the website. The density of the keyword is the ration of the keywords used in the content as compared to the other text of the content of the webpage.
The density of the keywords has a critical role to play during the evaluation and the optimization of the website or webpage, as it is one of the first areas evaluated by search engines during the optimization process. Hence, it is critical to develop keyword rich contents for a website during the designing and developmental process. However, SEO experts need to ensure that the ratio is just right, and the number of keywords used, or the number of times the keywords are used, is not very less or too high. This will ensure the best benefit to the website and ensure maximum exposure on the internet platform.
The general density of the keywords in any particular content (as recommended by most SEO consultant) should be around 2-3 percent of the entire volume of the text content of the website. This means that if the content of the website amounts to roughly 500 words, the total number of keywords used or the number of times the keywords are used should be about 3% of 500 words, i.e. 15 times. This will ensure a healthy density of the keywords for the SEO experts from affordable SEO services to work on, and will also ensure that the website obtains maximum exposure from the search engine platforms on the internet.

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