Importance of CTA Buttons on Your Website for Conversion

These days, most of the entrepreneurs and individuals create websites/blogs with a business perspective. Their primary intention is to sell their products and services in maximum numbers and generate abundant revenues every day/week/month/year. Unfortunately, most of the website operators’ complaints that visitors land on their sites, read the available content and flee away without taking any action, such as buying premium products/services, subscribing newsletters, submitting comments, etc.

If you want to sustain in the web-based business, easily vie with your close rivals, and generate revenues comfortably, conversion (the act of changing website visitors into paying customers) is essential. If you fail here, your web-based business is bound to shut down sooner or later.

See a chart below why your conversion optimization fails:

Website is up-to-dateOK
Regular content uploading and optimizationOK
Active implementation of different SEO tricksOK
Call-To-Action ButtonsI did not take note of that

Just gaze the chart carefully. The last stuff is the point where most of the website owners fail. They pay a little or almost no attention to the creation and placement of Persuasive Call-To-Action Buttons on their websites. Effective and well-designed CTA buttons on your website (such as Click here, Download, Submit, Enter, Request, Continue, Get My E-Book, Stay Connected, Join the Fun, Let's Talk, Give Me More, Watch Right Now, etc) encourage visitors to take the desired actions and help to meet your specific business goals easily and quickly. Have a look the key benefits of using effective CTA buttons on your websites:

1. Increased Conversion Rate

As discussed above, conversion is must for all website owners. So, while designing/renovating your website, never ignore the huge significance of CTA buttons. Don't leave everything up to website designers. Just sit with them, discuss your specific business goals, and instruct them to create visually appealing and easily visible CTA buttons. When you place effective CTA buttons on your site, visitors are highly motivated to take various actions as per their needs. This helps you to boost the conversion rate of your site up to a great extent easily and comfortably.

2. Generation Of Leads Through Social Media Websites

Today's young generation spend a considerable amount of time on different social media channels. The availability of a large audience on various social media channels gives limitless business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Even Google considers the social presence of websites while determining their ranking and relevancy for visitors. A website with a strong presence on different social media sites is likely to fetch more business opportunities for its owner.

Therefore, all SEO professionals prioritize social media optimization to boost the SEO ranking of websites , attract new social media fans/followers, and pump them into the conversion funnel sooner or later. All your social media activities are futile if don't use appealing and captivating social buttons.

In order to hone the effectiveness of your social media optimization and create more social leads through it, just place well-designed social media buttons at the bottom of your website or its pages. It will encourage the audience to share useful content further on WWW and give you its huge benefits.

3. Improved usability of Your Site

Generally, usability means the ease of use and learnability of artificial objects. When this is applied to the digital realm, usability stands for the effectiveness, efficiency, of websites/blogs/web applications and satisfaction achieved by visitors. High usability of a website means that it is easy to use, offers the required stuff/info to the targeted audience and is visually appealing.

Did you ever visit a website and close it in great frustration? If yes, then this is a high possibility that the website you visited had poor usability. Most of the visitors will leave your website if they fail to know how to use it. When you create appealing CTA buttons and add them to your website, its usability is enhanced up to a great extent. It will give your brand a bigger exposure on the web and more business opportunities also.

4. Increased Interaction With The Audience

Most of the digital marketing professionals primarily focus on the SEO ranking of websites and growing the list of fans and followers. By doing so, they assume that it will contribute to the creation of leads and sales. But, it doesn't happen in reality.

For the success of your web-based business, it is very important for you to interact with your audience and tailor your messages as far as possible. Always keep in mind that the more you talk to your audience and provide them the required stuff, the more sales you will generate.

You can increase your interaction with the audience, focus on Blogging, Downloadable E-Books, How-to Guides, White Papers, Buyer’s Guides, Infographics, Quizzes, Videos & Tutorials, Case Studies, etc, and make them a part of the lead generation process sooner or later. It is a time taking process. But, you can expedite its process easily by the use of effective CTA buttons on your website.

Final Words:

All entrepreneurs know the huge importance of CTA buttons. By using different CTA buttons effectively, you can easily boost the conversion rate up to a great extent.

Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves is a WordPress expert. His specialties include WordPress design and development services like converting psd to wordpress website, custom WordPress solutions, blogging, content strategy, etc.
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