Mobile technology is making progress day to day so web developers are focusing more on this technology. The developers are now offering world class mobile friendly websites. Ecommerce website development team evaluates the business needs and design a solution according to the ecommerce and data needs of the business. When developing the website according to the need of business these factors need to be taken care of like structured and managed requirements, pre defined methodologies and frameworks, process oriented development methods, program management process and the most important is to focus on the quality of the content.

To build an ecommerce website custom application development is needed. The main aim of application development should be defining the solution structure, developing demo prototypes for the users, building the solution and rolling out the solution across the business and providing support.
Latest ecommerce trends are:
• Hidden menus also known as hamburger menus are now very popular in ecommerce web design. As in mobile site it is required to hide some elements until they are needed. Hidden icon helps the user to navigate through the mobile website very easily and in user friendly way.
• Responsive designs are already popular for mobile websites but nowadays it is also required for large screens like for television. In the modern era of technology many users also uses internet from their smart TV and heir screen resolution is about 1920 pixels so to support that resolution responsive design for large screens are also required.
• Large and bold typography is the latest trend for designing an ecommerce website. The designers must keep in mind that bolder designs are need to be managed with the context of the responsive design so that the text goes with small screen like mobile or a large screen like a television.
• Website loading speed or the site speed is one of the most important factors for the designer while designing the website. To make site load faster on the mobile devices designer uses large images. It also helps in better selling of ecommerce business. For buying online products the large images are very popular as the customer can see the large images and they can also rotate 360 degree to get a better view from every angles. This methodology helps to increase in sell of online product.
• Videos of the product on the website like before buying a mobile handset one can go through the videos to get a overall understanding of the product.

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