Branding Strategies to Promote Your E-commerce Business Better in 2018

You have heard of Coke, Jeep, Chapstick, Popsicle, Velcro, Band-Aid, etc., right? In fact, one important thing you need to know about these is that you don’t usually call them with the generic names, but these are brand names for these products given mostly by their inventors or the promoters.

However, when it comes to e-com business online, building brand loyalty becomes a difficult to reach oasis year by year, it is imperative for the company to build a strong customer base to survive. The internet has not converted people to more tech-savvy shoppers, who use the power of search, filter, and compare products and brand to take a purchasing decision. So, the focus is shifted more to customers from business, which primarily bypasses the old-age idea of brand loyalty if there are alternative products available in the same price range or lower.

How to Tackle It?

In this article, we will discuss in detail about the different methods to try and build a mighty brand strategy which will help e-commerce stores to survive. Rather than beating around the theoretical plans, let’s think practically on some actionable ideas to practice straight away.

Building Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is something which will help the businessmen to precisely define your consumers, products/services, and the business sector. It is all about assessing all given information and data and figure out the exact winning difference. More importantly, a brand strategy will help you to stay ahead of the competition by avoiding the competition on unnecessary aspects like quality and price, etc.

Creating an effective branding strategy for e-com business is also a crucial aspect of marketing, customer retention, and loyalty building, which is necessary for any new business establishment online. If this is not effective, then on a long-run you may be finding yourself working backward regarding getting your business resonate with the customer needs.

Basics of E-Com Branding

Some of the instant tips include:

  • Creation of a recognizable logo and color scheme.
  • Integrating your brand into all social media outlets by keeping the brand elements unique over various platforms.
  • Develop consistent content to reiterate your brand objective and philosophy.

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The starting point of building a brand is a better understanding of your business and its nuances. Try to define it as:

  • The mission of your e-com business
  • What is the problem your product/service solves and what new it offers to the users?
  • What do your customers think about your business?
  • In which way you want your customers to associate with your brand?

You need to get satisfactory answers to all these questions to start working on a brand strategy. Once if you successfully define these, next, you need to do some market research to understand the customer philosophy and expectations. You can do this by conducting an e-mail survey or trying to get consumer feedback.

Unleash the Power of your USPs

Every business aiming at success will have it’s own unique selling propositions to be shared with the consumers and let them know what is unique about your product and services. Creating a USP is one of the most foundational steps in building a successful brand strategy. The goal of having a USP is to distinguish your brand from the competitors. So, it should highlight a brand philosophy and your goal of running a business.

A Representative Case study on USP Creation

Many of you may have heard of ‘Mast Brothers’ in New York City who sell hand-make chocolates. They are known as one of the very few shops in which bean-bar chocolates are made in-house. What makes them unique is the fact that these chocolates are handmade. In the mass-production world of chocolates were Nestle and Hershey etc. rule, Mast Brothers is making their story of in-house production as their unique selling proposition, and this succeed in easily tapping their market share.

Highlight Your Quality Which Distinguishes You

It is a fact that you won’t be able to survive without quality and if the quality is the primary distinguishing factor in your business, then here are some specific insights you need to share with the potential beneficiaries.

  • The making of your product
  • Compliance with specific regulations and standards
  • Quality of materials used
  • Specifications of the product (ex: organic food product etc.)

Explore New Changes In Branding Rules

This is a daring approach to brand strategy by trying innovative ways in changing the conventional rules and protocols of branding. Taking such innovative risks can sometimes give you a new direction in brand building, which can also win the attention of potential consumers to explore your e-commerce store. If you have a unique and quirky product to offer, you can think of centering your marketing efforts creatively around it. The goal here to make a unique space for your brand by presenting it in an unconventional way to get people notice it and start talking about it.

Now, with the basic know how you gained over e-com branding, next step is to dig more in depth and build a strong foundation around your e-com brand and start selling.

Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson is a finance advisor who posts blog on how you can establish finance management firms. He also recommends readers to approach National debt relief for financial help.
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