Before getting into this article we would like to tell you that more than 20% of online shoppers feel that bad site design and navigation is one of the main reasons they abandon their carts, and simply choose not to buy anything from the particular website.

Online e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay have a specific design to which online shoppers have become accustomed to. That is the reason why people begin their online searches on such popular platforms.

With popular search engines like Google diverging users to popular e-commerce websites—when they search for a particular product, small online stores need to perform extraordinarily, so that they get their fair share of visitors.

E-commerce sites today need to move minds and hearts—This is not something that is easy to do, and it totally depends upon your target audience. Website design is something that plays a crucial role in registering your brand name in people’s that they can sell diarrhoea, mortals, and values of the brand.

Following order some of the websites that have the best design that you can find on the Internet. You can learn from such websites in order to build your own e-commerce website.


Subtle animations and a great colour scheme is what gives the website personality and style. Every time you move the mouse over an object it pops up with small animation that attracts users. This site is fun to use, and it is not salesy or annoying.
What we learn from this website is that adding colour and movement to objects on the website get you good feedback from the users.


This site provides a fresh look and it is completely different from other established e-commerce design patterns. This website places images and text in a way that feels unique and satisfying.
This website has a lot of simple images and a lot of white space, that makes it look little less busy than other websites.
What we learn from this website is that good use of photography can make the product feel more elegant and luxurious.

Bill Blass

Usually popular e-commerce websites place their products in small square boxes. This is a mainstream concept, but Bill Blass has placed all its inventory in the front of the homepage, so that it looks like one big image. This is a fresh approach and has a great colour concept and a beautiful scheme, that results in an amazing website.
What we learn from this website is that dropping funny items on the products, can make the site look lovely. However this does not work on all cases.

A Book Apart

There are many websites that depend on large beautiful photography to sell their products. This website uses block colours to display all their books vividly. This works well when they are selling an entire collection of books in abundant.
What do you learn from this website is that using clever transitions on the homepage can make your website look great.

Ada Blackjack

This is a website that sells handmade bags and leather goods. This website is a little traditional in when it comes to design and layout but, it outshines all other ecommerce websites with the expressive use of large hero images, that has simple and clean photography.
What we learn from this website is that when users move the mouse over the product, the designers of the website do not show the traditional pop up, and they overlaid the entire image within the page.


Bellroy is one of the most popular wallet makers. When you enter the website you would be greeted with a simple design, but when you explore into individual products, you can find a wide variety of differently designed pages that highlight the uniqueness of the products.
What we learn from this website is that including individual images and different pages for specific products, can make the website look great.

Shopify Website Design

By using Shopify to design your website, you have full control over the look and feel of your website. You can choose from over hundred templates, or you can create a custom e-commerce website design.

The Shopify theme store has a collection of over hundred free and premium ecommerce website templates. Also there is an option to customise pre-existing themes on the website. Creating a website design involves just three steps in Shopify. Pick a template. Customise. Launch. The designs and beams are available in international languages and all types of currencies are supported.

Qurban Shah
Qurban Shah
Qurban is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility.
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