How Can Killer UX Design Improve Your New Business

The way your website appeals to its visitors and your customers can have a large impact on your business. It’s extremely important for new business owners to pay special attention to the user experience (UX) of their business website. You can do that by enriching it with a combination of some common UX elements. The next five paragraphs will show you what details to take care of in order to achieve top-notch UX design on your website.


1) Large visual details for Everyman

A recent analysis done by Cisco has shown that the number of Internet users worldwide will reach 4.6 billion by 2020. Additionally, today there are 1.28 billion websites in the world.
These statistical calculations show that you can expect people from all parts of the world to become the visitors of your website. What’s more, they’ll be coming from different cultural and social backgrounds.
For all these reasons, your website will provide smooth user experience if you think about the average Internet user. That way, the visuals on your website need to be large. It will make it easier for your customers and website visitors to spot what they need at once and use the website intuitively.
Also, the icons should appeal to a wide range of users. So, avoid any religious or political elements if you want to attract people(s) of all sorts.
Apart from that, if you have any fields for the visitors to fill in, these spaces should be larger.
By covering all these visual bases, you’ll satisfy the UX-needs of average Internet user coming to your website. As a result, the conversion rate will be higher, generating more leads and increasing the financial potential of your business.

2) Think simple, avoid clutter

Regardless of the nature of your business, your users will be grateful if they manage to search your website in a simple and time-saving way.
In order to give them such user experience, it’s crucial to think in a simple way and avoid cluttering your website.
First and foremost, don’t pack the pages of the website with too many text and visuals. Apart from being visually confusing, it will also result in too heavy website. In turn, it may slow down the loading speed.
As an alternative to that, create a separate page for every group of elements. For instance, instead of piling up all the services you do on the same page, you may group the most similar ones together and put those groups on separate pages.
In line with that, adding a drop-down menu to the services button on your homepage is a great move to improve your UX design. Additionally, each group on that list may lead to one of those groups of services.
Moreover, if your website is used for any financial transactions, it’s essential to make those payment areas buttons and clear of any distractors. For E-commerce websites, a rule of thumb is to keep a shopping cart in a visible place on every single page.
Also, online business owners need to ensure fast and frictionless payment procedure. Therefore, adding an HTML invoice template is a smooth way to allow their clients for safe and quick payments.
Apart from that, offering various payment options, like credit cards and reliable online solutions, such as Stripe and PayPal, is also an important part of clever website layout. It will speed up the payment process and improve the UX-aspect of your website.

3) Put focus on the users

While the purpose of every business is to make money, in UX design things are a bit different. Although this end goal remains the same, the steps that will take you to increased income need to be completely user-centered.
So, when a new visitor comes to your website, they need to be aware of your readiness to make their life better. Because of that, your tagline and the copy that presents you on the home page should reflect customers’ benefits.

Therefore, using the pronoun “We” is allowed as long as the next part refers to the services you can perform for your users. Rambling on about yourself isn’t an option that will win them over to become your loyal customers.
Alternatively, you can talk to your visitors using “You”, to emphasize that they’re the center of your work.
As for the visual elements, the photos of your satisfied customers should take some visible places on your website. Of course, business beginners might not have Nike as their clients, but they’ll most certainly work with other SME-owners. As a matter of fact, such collaboration will be of greatest importance for your visitors and potential clients.

4) Gaming elements for better UX

Treating your users to some gaming elements could make them grow fond of your website, while getting some benefits along the way.

• Badges as registration incentives –

Convincing a user register to your website is a demanding process. However, if they see that their registration will yield some benefits, they’ll be more likely to sign up. For instance, a coupon with a discount and a badge with a certain amount of points is a great prize for a new registered user.

• Coupons for new purchases –

When a user is rewarded with a coupon every time they make a purchase, they’ll be nudged to keep buying items on your website. Moreover, when coupons and badges join forces, they’ll serve as a compelling UX-brigade that will inspire users to repeatedly return to your website.

• Quizzes for niche experts –

Making a quiz and placing it at the end of the purchase procedure can be used as an additional incentive for clients to stay on your website. Such a quiz needs to be simple and relevant for your niche. Also, the users who complete it successfully should be given additional points that will lead to further discounts.

Alternatively, you can add a quiz to your home page, so as to engage new users to take a chance at it and raise their interest in your website and business.

Whatever gaming elements you add to your website, they’ll fulfill their UX-purpose only if they yield some tangible benefits for your users.

The time before us is the age of UX design. Because of that, it’s important to get ready for that trend on time. Enriching your website with straightforward, yet relevant elements if the key that will turn your visitors into registered users of customers. Therefore, use the tips given in this piece and make your website a hub of attractive UX-features.

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